Sourcing Diverse Business


Three|E Consulting Group encourages the utilization and development of diverse suppliers in public and private procurement processes across the Washington, DC metropolitan region.

We assist our prime contractor clients in identifying small, local, and certified Local Business Enterprises/Local Minority Business Enterprises (LBE/LMBE) for proposals (RFPs) to satisfy utilization goals and mandates of area jurisdictions.

We also assist our LBE/LMBE clients in identifying potential contracting opportunities as a prime or subcontractor. With over 5,500 suppliers, trade contractors, and service providers in our database, we are ready to meet your sourcing needs.

Some of our key Strategic Sourcing services include:

  • Conducting diligent searches for certified LBE/LMBE firms in order to facilitate  efforts in achieving LBE/LMBE business utilization goals as necessary;
  • Recommend strategies to expand and increase opportunities for LBE/LMBE participation and document “best efforts”;
  • Develop and/or review project procurement forecasts to identify prime and sub-contracting opportunities for LBE/LMBE firms;
  • Catalog information on financial and business resources available to LBE/LMBE firms to assist them in participating in the project.