Establishing Local Rapport


Community engagement works best when there’s an ongoing cumulative process enabling relationships and trust to build that strengthens over time.

Three|E has existing relationships with community groups and business organizations across the region that can help in guiding the issues you need to consider when planning and designing your community engagement process.

We use our relationships to help our clients develop and implement community-based engagement initiatives that define and articulate the interests of the communities in which they work.

 Some of our key Community Engagement services include:

  • Identification of various stakeholders including advocates, influencers and community leaders;
  • Planning, organizing and implementing key strategic community engagement and outreach activities;
  • Organizing street teams for information distribution;
  • Producing and distributing project newsletters, videos and traffic advisories;
  • Creating and managing public involvement plans and activities, including community and town hall meetings and special events;
  • Serving as a liaison with overall communication between clients and stakeholders, as well as, preparing reports, newsletters, press releases and other printed and/or collateral materials;
  • Coalition and relationship building.