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Three | E Consulting Group


With our industry experience, we have a thorough understanding of compliance requirements for large scale development and construction projects.Read More »

Procurement Monitoring & Contracting Opportunities

Through strategic partnerships and access, we bring public and private-sector procurement opportunities direct to our clients.Read More »

Strategic Sourcing

Let our sourcing team help you meet local and minority business utilization requirements with resources designed specifically for your project.Read More »

First Source Requirements

We develop and implement solutions to assist our clients in increasing the number of local residents hired on large scale projects funded by taxpayer dollars.Read More »

Business Development

Applying a consultative approach, we work to build a pipeline of highly qualified opportunities to develop new business for our clients.Read More »

Supplier Diversity

A liaison and advocate for local and minority-owned businesses, we assist our small business clients in becoming integrated into public and private procurement supply chains.Read More »

Community Engagement

Our community engagement programs assist our clients in raising project awareness and establish key relationships.Read More »

Branding And Web Development

We can examine your current stakeholder engagement collateral, devise and execute a strategic plan for achieving the buy-in you need from your audiences.Read More »