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One of the biggest challenges that small businesses face is uncovering the right procurement opportunities – ones that match their capabilities and growth plans. Three|E Consulting Group helps our clients by providing information and the tools they need to become better positioned to compete for contracts and subcontracts in the Washington, DC metropolitan region.

We also assist our clients in understanding each phase of state, county, and local procurements, as well as, jurisdictional regulations, business procedures and protocols in order to be successful in winning new business.

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Some of our key Procurement Monitoring services include:

  • Identify and monitor existing and upcoming procurement opportunities within the region related to clients’ core services and capabilities;
  • Overall relationship building and outreach with procurement officials around the region for public and private sector opportunities;
  • Review client bid responses to procurements including pricing terms, conditions and service terms and make recommendations to enhance and/or improve response as needed;
  • Contract negotiations;
  • Provide ongoing contract monitoring and contract management services to ensure you and your suppliers stay compliant.