MGM National Harbor is a destination gaming resort located on the shores of the Potomac River in Prince George’s County.  Eben Smith was contracted by Prince George’s County government to serve as the Compliance Manager for the MGM Oversight Committee at National Harbor.


  • Oversaw the Community Benefit Agreement between MGM National Harbor and Prince George’s County to ensure MGM National Harbor and the compliance committee is in compliance with the CBA.
  • Monitored and reported results of the compliance efforts of MGM National Harbor, as well as, provided guidance for the MGM National Harbor management team on matters relating to compliance.
  • Worked with the Oversight Committee to review the Compliance Plan for Oversight Committee approval.
  • Developed monitoring reports with MGM for both business participation and hiring.
  • Conducted diligent searches for Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), County Minority Business Enterprise (CMBE) and Local Business Enterprise (LBE) participants in order to facilitate MGM’s efforts to achieve the Business Enterprise Utilization and Employment Goals.
  • Provided assistance to Primes and Subcontractors to achieve the Business Enterprise Utilization and Employment Goals.
  • Determined what professional services and opportunities will be available for the local business community and identify potential sources for those opportunities during the operation of the facility.
  • Cataloged information on available financial incentives that are available to MBE, CMBE and LBE firms to assist them in the participation in the project.
  • Developed relationships with the local Chambers of Commerce, various trade associations and professional organizations for the purpose of achieving the goals established in the Community Benefit Agreement.
  • Assisted the Oversight Committee Chair in creation of briefing materials to the County Council.
  • Developed an aggressive outreach, training, informational, publicity and promotional programs and activities to ensure the business community is familiar with the prime, subcontracting and employment opportunities at the MGM Resort Project at the National Harbor.


  • Date: January 2015
  • Jurisdiction: Prince George’s County
  • Client: Prince George’s County Government
  • Project Value: $1.3 Billion