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The highest paid million-dollar lobbyists in Maryland remained the same this year, and in about the same order, according to figures just released from the State Ethics Commission.

All had billings over $1 million, with Tim Perry and Gerry Evans number 1 and 2 at over $2 million.

The figures do not just represent personal compensation, but all the billings made to support their offices and staff.

Another 18 lobbyists, often in the same firms as the top 10, billed over $500,000.

One hundred forty-two registered lobbyists reported earnings of over $50,000, a few less than last year. But the commission lists do not include earnings for scores of six-figure lobbyists who work directly for state and local governments and many nonprofit organizations and who do not have to file earnings reports.

The top 10 highest paid lobbyists and their billings for 12 months from Nov. 1, 2016 to Oct. 31, 2017 are:

1. Timothy Perry…… $2,526,551

2. Gerard Evans ……..$1,946,010

3. Robert Garagiola.. $1,793,895

4. Bruce Bereano…… $1,675,303

5. Michael Johansen $1,275, 516

6. Joel Rozner ………. $1,170,083

7. Gregory Proctor Jr. $1,158,552

8. Nicholas Manis …. $1,144,850

9. Lisa Harris Jones….$1,136,320

10. John Stierhoff……. $1,109,750

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