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According to a study by, residents of Washington and Baltimore are in the top-10 nationally when it comes to their average monthly card balance.

In the District, it’s over $7,400. In Baltimore it’s just shy of $7,000. But the analysis shows that thanks to higher earnings in the D.C. area, that debt load is not as burdensome as it is in other cities across the U.S.

For example, in San Antonio, the average credit card balance is $7,070, but since the median income is much lower in that big Texas city (just over $29,000), that bill is harder to pay off.

Other cities in the top 5 are Dallas, New York and Houston.

Washington, D.C. ($7,442)
Dallas-Fort Worth ($7,171)
New York ($7,145)
Houston ($7,121)
San Antonio ($7,070)
Baltimore ($6,985)

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