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One of the sponsors of a bill allowing for sports betting in D.C. said that he has the numbers to advance it to the next step.

D.C. Councilman Jack Evans, a Democrat who represents Ward 2, said that he is “very confident” he has the seven votes needed to advance the Sports Wagering Lottery Amendment Act. Six council members, including Evans, introduced the bill in September; and Evans told WTOP that council chairman Phil Mendelson would be supportive, making it seven.

Under the bill, sports wagering establishments with a valid license would pay D.C. 10 percent of the gross revenue generated by sports wagering.

Evans said that he did not know if that number would stay the same or change, as no one really knows the exact amount of money involved in underground gambling. “It’s uncharted territory,” Evans said. “I’m using the best information I have.”

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