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Steve Costello has been fulfilling government contracts to build new buildings for nearly three decades, but what happened in Bowie last week was a first for him.

For months his company had worked on building a new two-sheet ice arena for the City of Bowie. But last Tuesday a newly-elected City Council canceled the construction of a new ice arena, with the Mayor saying he felt their predecessors made a mistake in approving the two-sheet facility, as well as the $24.2 million in general obligation bonds sold to pay for it. The council asked that the site be reused to build an indoor court facility for basketball and volleyball players, and that the old city ice arena be renovated.

“This is a first for us,” Costello said. “We have never not finished a project.”

He said he feels disappointed for the people who were looking forward to the new arena. He said because the project was started when the economy was good but canceled when it was bad, some subcontractors with specialties like plumbing could have trouble finding replacement work. He has been able to direct his employees to other sites.

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