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A long-standing ritual of Maryland politics — the selection of gubernatorial running mates prior to the party primaries — would vanish if a measure backed by two powerful lawmakers becomes law next year.

Under a proposal drafted by Sen. Paul G. Pinksy (D-Prince George’s) and Del. Kumar P. Barve (D-Montgomery), candidates for governor would run solo. The candidates who win the primary would then have 21 days to select a running mate.

The bill — SB 373 and HB 535 in the just-concluded session — would align Maryland’s ticket-building process with the way White House hopefuls select their vice presidential running mates.

Currently candidates for governor in Maryland select a ticket-mate as they seek their party’s nomination, and they file and run as a team.

Although the Pinsky-Barve measure was filed this year, its consideration was put off until 2020 because it requires a constitutional amendment — and all such bills were held until the year of the next election.

Barve said he was motivated to file the bill when he saw a photograph of Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls Rushern L. Baker III and Richard S. Madaleno Jr. during last year’s campaign.

“They were good friends. They liked each other,” Barve said. “And I thought to myself, ‘What a shame it would be for them not to run together.’”
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