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D.C. officials this week proposed a $215 million sole-source contract to manage online sports gambling and the lottery, a deal that would benefit several politically connected individuals as well as executives of a company that the city ousted from running a homeless shelter.

The D.C. Council and Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) authorized city officials to suspend procurement rules while awarding a lucrative contract to the Greek gaming company Intralot. They said it was necessary to launch a sports-betting mobile app quickly to maximize tax revenue.

D.C. Chief Financial Officer Jeffrey S. DeWitt, whose office regulates sports gambling, on Monday sent a proposed five-year contract to the council after months of negotiation with Intralot.

A summary of the proposed deal identifies seven companies that would serve as subcontractors, sharing more than a third of the $215 million contract that extends Intralot’s hold on the city lottery and gives it control over online sports gambling.

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