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The Washington Redskins have deepened a multistate effort to secure a spot in the burgeoning sports betting industry, dangling to both Maryland and Virginia the prospect of building astadium within their borders — so long as the team can offer wagering.

Owner Daniel Snyder has personally appealed to multiple power brokers in both states over the past few weeks, according to people who met with him.

So far, Snyder has had far more success in Virginia.

Two bills up for a full chamber vote Monday in Richmond would guarantee the team a sports betting permit if it wanted one.

“He told me what he needed. I thought this was a good idea,” said Del. Mark D. Sickles (D-Fairfax), who sponsored one of the Virginia bills. Sickles said Snyder’s pitch included a mention of potential stadium sites in Virginia, but the lawmaker declined to elaborate.

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