Clean Water Partnership (CWP) is a first-of-its-kind program that maximizes the strengths of the public and private sectors to meet the EPA pollution diet goals regulatory requirements by installing filters to treat polluted runoff from 15,000 acres of existing impervious surfaces by the end of the decade. The program addresses environmental regulatory requirements for stormwater management, while also strengthening local economic development.

Three|E was contracted by Corvias to assist them with strategic sourcing, compliance, community and stakeholder engagement, as well as, brand asset management.


  • Conduct diligent searches for Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), County Minority Business Enterprise (CMBE) and Local Business Enterprise (LBE) participants in order to facilitate Corvias efforts to achieve the Business Enterprise Utilization and Employment Goals.
  • Attend CWP Compliance Oversight Committee meetings, develop agendas, summarize Project activity reports, and obtain and submit such other reports and documents as may be requested by the CWP Compliance Oversight Committee.
  • Create, monitor and enforce the CWP Local and Minority Utilization plan to ensure LBE/LMBE Target Class and Employment utilization goals are met and exceeded.
  • Develop compliance reports documenting Target Class participation.
  • Monitor compliance reports submitted by the Prime Contractor with the Compliance Plan to include reviewing the Quarterly Compliance Report and inspection of records to the extent provided in Section 6.2 of the MPA.
  • Maintain a database of certified MBE, CBE, CBSMBE CMBE and LBE firms participating in the Project in order to facilitate The Clean Water Partnership’s efforts to achieve the County Business Enterprise Utilization and Employment Goals.
  • Prepare special reports as requested by the CWP Compliance Oversight Committee, as well as, assist the Oversight Committee Chair in the creation of briefing materials to the County Council. County Council is to review a report from the Oversight Committee on a semi­ annual basis.
  • Provide strategic approaches to removing barriers and clearing paths to employment, promote long term success of new employees in the workplace, and coordinate the availability of county, state, federal, and private technical and funding opportunities, and track job placements arranged through the CWP.
  • Liaise with the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation (EDC), Prince George’s Community College’s Entrepreneurship and Workforce Development and other social assistance programs such as returning citizens, veterans, and women to ensure that prospective employees are enrolled in stormwater management and other green courses being developed by Prince George’s Community College.


  • Date: August 2015 – Current
  • Jurisdiction: Prince George’s County
  • Client: Corvias
  • Project Value: $1.3 Billion